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The service is affordable. The memories are priceless.

Every Life is a Story Worth Sharing

Through the Spoken Treasures Project your story - or the story of an aging loved one - is professionally recorded and preserved.

No individuals life is ordinary - especially to that persons descendants. How well do your children really know you? How well do you really know your parents? 

What was life like growing up? What do you remember about your parents? What person influenced you the most? What was your first job? Your proudest moment? Your saddest?


Answers to questions like these will offer loved ones - present and future - precious insights and understanding into who you really are. Through a professionally recorded, yet casual conversation, Spoken Treasures will allow others to see and hear your story - in your own words.


You'll be given a list of questions ahead of time so you'll have time to think about your answers. During the recorded conversation you'll be asked those questions, but they are really just intended to get the juices flowing. And of course, you won't be asked to answer any questions you don't want to. 


While Spoken Treasures is intended to preserve individual histories, couples may also choose to have their personal interviews combined with a couples interview into a single DVD program.


 One of the options of Spoken Treasures is the inclusion of some of your keepsakes, allowing you to share the stories behind some of your life's mementos. 


When my father died there were things in his  home that I had seen for years - but about whose  origin or meaning I had never thought to ask when I had had the chance. 


Now that I have them they are treasures simply because they were once his, but how much more would they mean if I knew their back-story?


I sometimes take for granted that my children know the meaning behind my trinkets - but do they? Does your family understand the meaning behind yours?  


joseph_bessieumphrey web.jpg

LaMar Umphrey



Family History

In addition to the recorded conversation, The Spoken Treasures Project is interested in helping to preserve your family history. 


We'll supply you with a printed 4-generation Pedigree Charte and help you start filling it in. You'll also receive a digital copy of the chart so you can print more as needed. 



Pedigree Charts are fun - but they are incomplete in that they don't show brothers and sisters. So we'll also include a Family Group sheet, allowing you to document your siblings, Aunts and Uncles. Family Group sheets will also be provided in digital form.


brandon 2.jpg

Aiden Umphrey


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