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Dynamic Isolation Systems is the world leader in seismic isolation. No other company in the world has more isolated projects in more countries than Dynamic Isolation Systems. DIS designs and manufactures isolation systems for individual pieces of equipment all the way up the the larges isolated structures in the world.


DIS is the world leader in seismic protection systems. Earthquake protection in buildings and bridges often begins with base isolation, this short video explains what Base Isolation is and some of its' many applications.


Sometimes it isn't practical to isolate an entire building. DIS has systems to isolate a single floor, or a single room - or even a single piece of equipment or artwork.


Taller, more flexible buildings are subject to vibration and sway. Viscous Wall Dampers reduce motion from seismic events and wind induced vibration.  

China Lake Berry Street Project

Winner of the Seismic Project of the Decade Award, The China Basin/Berry Street project utilized lead rubber bearings and elastomeric backed sliders designed and supplied by DIS to triple the amount of additional office space that could be added to an existing structure.



3D Isolation

Most seismic damping devices are designed to protect against lateral forces. However, in certain applications, vertical forces may also be present and potentialy damaging. DIS has developed an isolation system that protects on all three axis'.

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